XML Hammer 1.0

When the only thing you've got is a XML Hammer, every solution looks like XML.

The XML Hammer application is a free and open-source tool that simplifies elementary XML actions like checking for well-formedness, validation, transformation and xpath searches using any JAXP implementation.

After all these years of XML, it is still relatively difficult to simply validate or transform XML files. You are currently either forced to use extensive, sometimes expensive, and most often difficult to use tools with a lot of extra functionality unnecessary for these simple tasks and very often not flexible enough to provide what you want, or you will have to be almost a programmer and create your own application or script to handle these elementary XML related tasks.

The XML Hammer tool addresses these issues by providing a free and open-source tool that has a (relatively) simple to use user-interface however still allowing the flexibility for the user to specify anything that he/she would have been able to specify when writing a script for this same task him/herself.

The functionality of the XML Hammer tool is based on the capabilities provided by the Java API for XML Processing (JAXP) and supports the JAXP API as fully as possible. To achieve this, the functionality has been divided into five specific project types:

Project Description
XML Parser Parse and validate XML files, using DTDs, XML Schema and other schema languages.
XPath Search Perform XPath searches on XML files.
Schema Validator Parse and validate Schema files, for XML Schema and other schema languages.
XSL Transform Transform XML documents using XSLT, allowing to specify associated and multiple transformations.
Stylesheet Validator Validate XSLT documents.